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    What's New in TypeScript 3.4

    TypeScript 3.4 is out with the usual array of new features, of which a new --incremental flag can lead to faster project builds after the first such build 03/29/2019

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    Golang Coders Choose VS Code

    A previous survey of the Go programming language community found that Visual Studio Code barely beat Vim as the code editor of choice, and the new edition shows the race isn't even close anymore. 03/29/2019

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    VS Code Python Type Checker Is Microsoft 'Side Project'

    A new open source VS Code extension called pyright has been created as a Microsoft "side project" to improve on current offerings for static type checking for the Python programming language. 03/28/2019

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    What's New for Python in VS Code

    The popular Python Extension for Visual Studio Code -- more than 7.3 million installs -- received a raft of updates in the March 2019 release, touching upon collaboration, IntelliSense goodness, Test Explorer and more. 03/27/2019

  • Keeping Configuration Settings in Memory

    You've got some "sensitive" settings that you'd rather not keep in a plain text file on your site. Good news: You can keep your settings anywhere you want (in code, in a database) and your application won't care. 03/26/2019

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    Azure AI Enhanced with Cognitive Services Updates

    The Microsoft Azure team today announced several updates to boost artificial intelligence capabilities on the cloud platform, including anomaly detection and object detection in images. 03/26/2019

  • Using the Right Settings File in ASP.NET Core

    If you want to use one set of settings in development and a different set in production or staging (and you know you do), ASP.NET Core lets you control that. 03/22/2019

  • Protect Yourself: Export Visual Studio Settings

    If you've been configuring Visual Studio to meet your needs, you should protect yourself against disaster by exporting your settings. 03/21/2019

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    Material Design Feature Highlights Xamarin.Forms 3.6

    Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms UI toolkit has been updated to version 3.6, removing the "experimental" tag from a feature that makes it easier to implement Material Design look-and-feel in cross-platform iOS and Android projects. 03/21/2019

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    TypeScript Climbs RedMonk Programming Language Popularity Ladder

    RedMonk's lastet programming language popularity report singles out TypeScript as a big mover among an otherwise fairly static ranking of the usual leaders. 03/21/2019

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    Amazon Cloud Broadens .NET Core Choices for AWS Lambda Functions

    Microsoft-centric developers working with the Amazon cloud platform now have more .NET Core choices to handle their AWS Lambda functions for serverless, event-driven programming. 03/20/2019

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    Azure Data Studio and VS Code Power Up PostgreSQL

    With the March update of Azure Data Studio, Microsoft added preview support of the popular PostgreSQL database, along with a new PostgreSQL extension for the Visual Studio Code editor. 03/19/2019

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