Mobile Development Tutorials

  • Debugging Xamarin Android Apps

    You have a bunch of options for debugging Android applications built with Xamarin. Unfortunately, only one of them has worked well for Peter in all scenarios. Here are all your options with Peter's opinion on each and a recommendation on the best one. 10/08/2018

  • The 5 Essential Patterns in Xamarin Applications

    There are five design patterns you'll use every time you create a smartphone application. One is imposed by the environment and one is a pattern that you've probably been avoiding when creating other kinds of applications. 08/31/2018

  • 'Hello World' for Your Smartphone: Your First Xamarin Application

    Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a Xamarin project in Visual Studio 2017. 06/20/2018

  • Choosing a Xamarin Strategy

    Here's what you need to know before you create your first Xamarin application to run on a smartphone or a tablet. 06/07/2018

  • Styling Xamarin.Forms Apps with CSS

    New support for styling Xamarin.Forms apps with CSS may be controversial, but Greg Shackles thinks CSS is a powerful (and frequently maligned) solution to the problem of styling native mobile applications. See what he means in this hands-on tutorial. 05/29/2018

  • Build a Xamarin.Forms Application with MvvmCross

    Building cross-platforms applications has never been easier using Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms. In this article Nick introduces v6 of MvvmCross and shows how it can be leveraged to accelerate development and improve the architecture of a Xamarin.Forms application. 05/16/2018

  • Your First Xamarin.Forms Project

    If you've got a recent version of Visual Studio (Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition, for example) then you can start creating an Android application. Here's what you need to do to get your first project set up. 05/01/2018

  • Sound-Effect Audio with Xamarin.Forms

    Wally builds an app prototype and in response to user feedback investigates how to play audio sound effects in response to events such as a button press. 03/29/2018

  • Building for the iPhone X

    Our cross-platform C# specialist turns his attention to the iOS side of things only to demonstrate some programming issues associated with the much-hyped device from Apple, including Face ID, the "notch," Safe Areas, Large Titles and more. 01/11/2018

  • Add Custom Controls with Binding Properties to Your Xamarin.Forms App

    In an app of any meaningful size, wrapping up common functionality in a composite control reduces the long-term effort needed to craft the app. Learn how to do just that right here. 11/07/2017

  • Create Responsive Xamarin Apps with ReactiveUI

    Learn how to leverage the open source MVVM ReactiveUI framework, the Observer Design Pattern, ReactiveX and more to make your Xamarin apps more responsive. 10/24/2017

  • A Developer's Introduction to iOS 11

    With new APIs for augmented reality and machine learning -- along with many new and updated features -- the latest iteration of iOS is sure to make Apple mobile developers happy, our resident expert concludes in this hands-on review, complete with code samples. 10/17/2017

  • Xamarin.Forms Updates

    Here’s a look -- with code samples -- at two series of updates that will improve the feature set and, most important, performance of Microsoft’s cross-platform UI solution. 10/10/2017

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