Modern Architecture with Containers, Microservices and No SQL

Date: Tuesday, May 10th at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Speakers: Arun Gupta, Vice President of Developer Advocacy, Couchbase
Markus Eisele, Developer Advocate, Lightbend
Mano Marks, Director, Developer Relations, Docker, Inc.

In this webinar, you’ll discover why developer agility, unlimited scaling, and low latency are critical aspects of modern applications – and why containers, microservices, and NoSQL are essential ingredients for building and running applications that need to evolve rapidly. Join us to learn how:


  • Streamline software development by making it easier to build, share, and manage images that contain your application code and infrastructure together
  • Use a common API, build, and runtime format to reduce the impedance mismatch between dev, test, and production environments
  • Microservices

  • Allow you to decompose a monolithic application into multiple, yet cohesive, decoupled services
  • Run each service in its own process and communicate using lightweight mechanisms such as HTTP API
  • NoSQL

  • Gives you the agility and flexibility required to scale your applications to meet ever-growing business needs
  • Delivers the high performance and ease of data modeling required to easily handle ongoing changes
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